Refill Bag (Fifteen Pounds)

This refill package fills about two of the 7.5 pound jugs, or one 15 pound Bucket. Fresh Fill Odor Neutralizing Crystals act like a magnet to attract and eliminate unpleasant airborne odors. Fresh Fill has no odor of its own and works without any additives including perfume and chemicals. Fresh Fill is non-toxic and 100% organic, so it is safe for children and pets. Put it anywhere indoors or outdoors! Fresh Fill absorbs odors from all surfaces including pet urine (animal litter boxes, carpets, upholstery, lawns: real or artificial, concrete), musty and mildew odors (garages, basements, cars, boats and RVs), Smoke (cigarettes, cooking and food odors), Chemical odors (ammonia, formaldehyde) and more.
Refill Bag (Fifteen Pounds)
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