Fifty Pound Bag

Fresh Fill is the only nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, odor absorbing infill used in Artificial Grass in the industry at this time. Its green color is attractive when placed on artificial turf. In dry climates its ability to absorb 55% of its weight in water at will aid in reducing water consumption on natural grass and help keep your turf cooler than other infill products in Artificial Grass. Our Fresh Fill neutralizes ammonia and other odors such as dog/cat urine; not just absorbing and masking, but trapping and holding the cause of pet odor. When used as a Horse Stall DEODORIZER it should be liberally spread on the floor after the stall is cleaned thoroughly will effectively control odor. When odor returns remove and replace with fresh product. Alternatively, a new layer of product can be applied to the top of the old layer. It may be used in conjunction with other bedding products to control odor. Used product can be applied to pasture areas as a lasting soil amendment.
Fifty Pound Bag
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