Four Breathable Bags (set)

Many Uses Including : Animal Litter Odor Eliminator - Trash Cans - Closets - Furniture - Refrigerator and Freezer - Cars and RVs- Gym Bags and Lockers - Garage and Basement Animal Litter Odor Eliminator For use near litter boxes: Hang a bag near litter box to help absorb airborne odors. Place under pet bedding to help absorb and eliminate pet odors. Also works great in bird, guinea pig, rabbit and hamster cages. Trash Cans For trash containers: place a breathable bag in the bottom of the trash container. Closets: Hang a breathable bag in your closets to help linens stay fresh Furniture: Hide a breathable bag in your couch to help fabric stay odor free. Refrigerator and Freezer: Put a breathable bag in the vegetable/fruit crisper and your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh much longer. Put a bag in the freezer and the ice smells and tastes better. Cars and RVs: Try a breathable bag in your car or RV to stay fresh Gym Bags and Lockers: Toss a breathable bag in your gym bag or locker to help eliminate any stale odor and to keep it fresh. Works great in Gym Shoes too! Garage and Basement: Hang a breathable bag in your garage to smell fresh and try one in your basement to help eliminate the wet and musty smell
Four Breathable Bags (set)
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