Mapei Ultrabond Turf 527 Glue

DESCRIPTION Ultrabond Turf 527 is a moisture curing, one component, polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for the repair of existing outdoor turf in high-performance sports installations. Ultrabond Turf 527 can be used in both interior and exterior applications, and has excellent weather resistance. A light misting of water will speed up the cure time of Ultrabond Turf 527, allowing for quick repairs. Ultrabond Turf 527 meets FIFA requirements for bond and shear in sports-turf applications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS -Easy application; quick cures for fast repairs -Limited expansion during cure for fast installations -Meets FIFA standards WHERE TO USE -Use on seam tape to join 2 pieces of artificial turf -Can be used to secure artificial turf to concrete -Interior and exterior synthetic grass installations -Professional and educational sports fields arena -Commercial and residential landscaping applications of synthetic grass **CAULKING GUN NEEDED FOR DISPENSING
Mapei Ultrabond Turf 527 Glue
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