Fresh Fill 4 Pound Jug

Our Fresh Fill 4 Pound Jug is perfect for all your household uses. The container is easy to pour the crystals into other containers, such as litter trays, planter beds, and carpeting. Fresh Fill is non-toxic and 100% organic, so it is safe for children and pets. Fresh Fill works without any additives including perfume and chemicals. Fresh Fill has no odor of its own. Try it anywhere indoors or outdoors! Use a sprinkle in your trash container every time you change the bag to help with any odors. Great in diaper pails too! Many pet uses including Beds, Cages or Pens, Kennels and Carriers. Fresh Fill is perfect to use as an all natural Soil Amendment to help reduce water consumption in dry or drought prone areas. Fresh Fill can be used to Deodorizer Landscapes including Rock Gardens, Planters, and Natural and Artificial Grass. Many more uses including Smoking Areas and Ashtrays, Closets and Gym Bags, Stinky Shoes, Cars and RVs, even Basements and Garages!
Fresh Fill 4 Pound Jug
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